BabyBox provides a playful babyhood

The place the babies hang out most of the time is the cradle, so it’s our duty to make sure the baby is happy and having a good time. The BabyBox has been designed with small hollow spaces for proper ventilation and growth in mind. It is totally inspired by the evolving belly of pregnancy to make a replica with these effects in a modern crib. The BabyBox grows from a 27”*27” square for accommodated a 1-3month old and two larger sizes into toddlerhood after growth. The boxes slides are fitted with a guide rail and it is inclusive of modular mattresses to accommodate the three possible sizes. Babybox is carefully designed to make sense in small space and you have enough space for them to stretch and stroll and hang out with their buddies in the same cradle! Even we didn’t have the pleasure at babyhood!

BabyBox is a sale for $2000.