Babysitting is safe again with a Carebear Survival Kit

Babysitting has never been my forte, maybe because I’ve never given it a shot. However, I’m a huge fan of CareBears and this CareBear babysitting kit might just tempt me into trying it out or at least not run in the opposite direction when asked for help with kids. The kit has a chart for evaluating different ammunition, a Good Luck Bear modular armored vest(which would make me feel like im headed to some teddy bear battlefield) along with a first aid kit. A speciality of this first aid kit is that the band-aids feature “Sucking Chest Wound Bear” on the front.

Only problem is that kids might actually want to get hurt for these adorable band-aids. One thing is for sure though, a CareBear babysitting survival kit will make me feel safer around those little monsters(yes, I don’t think kids are little angels).

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