Babyzen’s Yoyo travel stroller is your baby’s new must-nave accessory

As a babywearing mum, it takes a lot to convince me that strollers are a better, more practical option. Especially while travelling, you’ll see me plop the tot in my carrier and use my hands to do more important work like – duty free shopping or grabbing a snack! However, this new stroller from Babyzen, called The Yoyo Stroller, just might change my mind.

Besides being sleek, smart and lightweight (only six kilos) , the yoyo stroller is super-functional. One favorite feature has to be that it collapses down to a size that fits in a bag, allowing you to carry it over your shoulder. Wow! A long-shot from monstrosity I have also called a stroller. This means that it fits in overhead bins, under tables and no cuss words from having to push around because an empty stroller because your toddler has chosen to walk. The sturdy stroller with its four-wheel suspension and a soft-drive system which means you can take it on rough terrain, walk through dirt roads and in any weather, without worrying about locking the front swivel wheel.
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Another note-worthy feature is that it can be switched from parent-facing to road-facing, as your child gets older. Ideal for infants, it can be fully reclined with five-point harness and comes with a pop-up canopy, foot cover and newborn head support. Equally suitable for toddlers, it offers multi-position reclining seats and a comfortable seat pad that is removable and washable.
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The Yoyo Stroller is available to purchase from Saks Fifth Avenue and is priced at $319. Of all the new-baby investments you may be about to make, this one might be your best.
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[ Available at : Saksfifthavenue ]

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