Bacardi Bespoke lets you party in style

Party hard or no but party the right way with Bacardi. I am not just referring to the booze here now people. Put your party shoes on and don’t go anywhere. Because Bacardi is coming to rock your party at your own humble abode. Bacardi in the UK has started a service where members of the Bacardi Bespoke website can order in a full Bacardi party – complete with a portable bar, cocktail chefs, booze, cocktail umbrellas, and the sweetest top UK house tunes – the right to their own homes. Now all the home birds can turn into wild party hopping birds’ right at their residence.

As far as the ones who hardly step into their homes are concerned this is a good way to lure them home too. And when at home it’s never too late to party not even in the wee hours of the morning. So set the house on fire!

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