Bandai Bubbly Bubble Bath for a moneyed soak

If you have thought of a hot tub dip filled with rose petals for this Valentine for your love then I think that it’s too old-fashioned and unexceptional. Don’t sulk as Bandai from Japan has come up with the most exceptional bubble-bath tablets to add zing to any celebration. Put your feet up in a tub full of money with the Bubbly Bubble Bath that is actually bubble-bath tablets shaped like banknotes. Packets of the bubble-bath agent contain 10 tablets made in the form of “100,000 yen” notes, 10 times Japan’s biggest denomination of 10,000 yen. When left to float in the bath, the tablets fizz away, creating bubbles.

For only 250 yen ($2.35) you can enjoy an opulent hard cash douse.