Banzai Falls Mega Racer

With your kids and friends, you can slide down this huge 22′ long racing waterslide and splash onto the soft bottom landing pad. This Mega Racer includes heavy-duty 13″ blower motor which provides constant air support for nonstop sliding action. The blower motor features a 24′ (732cm) long power cord and GFCI switch for utmost safety The dura tech construction ensures lasting strength and durability and makes it resistant to small tears and punctures. It inflates in less than 3 minutes and can be easily attached to any hose. The weight limit of the water slide does not exceed more than 400lbs.

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It can also be used wet or dry! At the cost of $400, you can enjoy your own personal water park! Precise dimensions of the water slide-10’8″H X 21’11″L X 6’8″W.