Baseball World Series tickets at the Yankee Stadium sell for exorbitant prices

If you are a baseball fan, you would certainly not want to miss the World Series between the Yankees and the Phillies. The seats are being sold like hotcakes, and it is almost impossible to believe that tickets are being sold for thousands of dollars. With each passing moment, the bidding is only getting higher. Resale tickets with a face value of $431 are being sold for an astounding amount of $3,850.

In fact, with premium, World Series tickets costing well over $4,000, watching a game at the stadium had never been so expensive. If you think it is a shame to spend money watching baseball in the stadium, you certainly might not be a die-hard fan of the game. We had written about how the Yankee Stadium got a makeover for $1.5 billion. You might also want to read about the Most Expensive Basketball Glove, which we had covered some time ago. Baseball certainly has some big money on it!
Via: Trend Hunter

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