Bespoke video games based on personal life cost $67,000

Tired of stepping in the shoes of characters while playing video games? Well, if you’ve got a pocket full of cash, about $67,000 to be exact, you could instead have a game inspired by your own life! These custom-made games are on offer by Amuse Me, the brainchild of Abdel Bounane, editor in chief of a digital lifestyle magazine, Amusement. Three levels of customization are available, with the first level personalizing faces, outfits, backgrounds, and accessories of the character for $27 per modified object. The second level allows clients to select from 10 different games, with these being built upon from scratch as per customer specification for about $1345 to $13,458. And the third level of customization enables clients to have a whole universe created by video game artists, costing a whopping €50,000 ($67,290)!
[NYTimes] Via – [Kotaku]

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