Biggest jackpot in China of $13.9m won

Be it U.S. or China, it’s about winning the record-breaking jackpots that brings the winner from that land to our blog. Some Chinese dude won was a lucky winner of 102.71 million yuan (US$13.9 million) on Sunday. This Gansu lottery player bought 20 tickets, for two Yuan each, all with the same combination. Since the jackpot was more than five million Yuan, the winner will receive 20 times the jackpot for holding 20 winning tickets! The winner bought the tickets at an outlet in Jiayuguan City, where another person also won a top award and 15-second prizes in the same draw. The individual walked away with more than 10 million Yuan. I suppose this particular outlet will now be thronged by lottery buyers as it has become famous for churning out the jackpot winners.

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However, there has been no official information on the winners. The former record jackpot was nearly 65 million yuan, won by a person in Heilongjiang Province in October.