Billionaire Clive Palmer to built a real life Jurassic Park in Australia

Mining magnate and billionaire Clive Palmer who was criticized for spoiling his daughter with a superyacht have a big thing for fantasies, so it seems. First, it was his ridiculous concept of building a 21st-century version of the Titanic (to set sail in 2016), and now it is a fixation of cloning a read dinosaur from ancient DNA samples for a “Jurassic Park-style” area at his new theme resort. Palmer has been in talks with the same scientists who cloned Dolly the sheep in 1996 to bring his vision to life. Apparently, he will set his dinosaurs free to roam around a resort that he is building in Coolum, Australia if his project is successful and extend the facilities to a 20-story Sky Needle, a casino, a giant London Eye-style Ferris wheel.

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News like this is sure to spur some fire in dinosaur lovers, which is quickly assuaged by Extreme Tech’s Ryan Whitwan, who warns folks that birthing a dinosaur is a bleak possibility as we don’t have the living cells to do so. It’s funny what the insanely rich can think of when there are more important things to create in the world; how about homes for the homeless to start with?