Billionaires including James Cameron and Larry Page plan to mine asteroids

What do billionaires do when they unite? They go into the mining business together, and by this, we are not talking about some coal mining operations. The very famous investors, including Google co-founder Larry Page and filmmaker James Cameron and Eric Schmidt and Ross Perot Jr., plan to mine asteroids. The company, which will be named Planetary Resources Inc, will be revealed Tuesday morning by space entrepreneurs Peter Diamandis, Eric Anderson, and astronauts Chris Lewicki and Tom Jones. The company’s mission is to create a new industry and create two important sectors, which include space exploration and natural resources.

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Although complete details have not yet been disclosed, the event where the announcement will be made tomorrow is already sold out. Traveling to an asteroid and mining it for natural resources seems pretty far-fetched and takes a right from the pages of a sci-fi series. Only time will tell if it will ever be a reality.

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