Bionic Body Shop offer expensive body upgrades for citizens of the future

A hi-tech future with the most advanced technology is a vision that many scientists are working on achieving. IEEE Spectrum has come up with their own unique vision of a medically advanced future. Their unique futuristic vision comprises the Bionic Body Shop, where future citizens can go and upgrade themselves. Treatments and upgrades at this futuristic shop include a Vagus Nerve Stimulation for $95,000, a Deep Brain Stimulation for $40,000, a Sacral Nerve Stimulation for $16,000, and many more. Although none of these upgrades are available this time, it definitely does not hurt to surf through the options and check out the unique upgrades available.

With such expensive upgrades, it is no wonder that the super-rich is touted to evolve into a whole new species. To check the unique Bionic Body Shop click here.