Bionic Body Shop offer expensive body upgrades for citizens of the future

A hi-tech future with the most advanced technology is a vision that many scientists are working on achieving. IEEE Spectrum has come up with their own unique vision of a medically advanced future. Their unique futuristic vision comprises the Bionic Body Shop, where future citizens can go and upgrade themselves. Treatments and upgrades at this futuristic shop include a Vagus Nerve Stimulation for $95,000, a Deep Brain Stimulation for $40,000, a Sacral Nerve Stimulation for $16,000, and many more. Although none of these upgrades are available this time, it definitely does not hurt to surf through the options and check out the unique upgrades available.

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With such expensive upgrades, it is no wonder that the super-rich is touted to evolve into a whole new species. To check the unique Bionic Body Shop click here.