Tateossian Pebble packed with diamond dust is the most expensive paperweight

Paperweights are more than just table-ware that we look across and pay no heed to. At times, these little devices crafted to keep your paperwork in place and not succumb to windy days pack luxury, too, like this masterpiece by Tateossian. Designed to celebrate the masterpiece art and antique show being held in London, this paperweight is shaped like a pebble integrated with yet another pebble packed with 60cts of diamond dust. Made from black obsidian and rose gold, this Tateossian paperweight is inspired by the Queen’s reign and certainly a piece of tableware you wouldn’t want to leave lying around!

Tateossian_Jubilee 60-Pebble_1.jpg
Tateossian_Jubilee 60-Pebble_2.jpg

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