Is it a wig? Is it a hat? It’s a Helmdo!

Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag, the Berlin based duo behind the lifestyle and fashion label –Bless, are raising eyebrows with their latest creation which they call the Helmdo. Essentially, it’s a helmet covered with thick but fluffy nylon braids meant to mimic old school gangster cornrows. Available in two colors black and brown, Helmdos give a whole new meaning to the term helmet hair! If you like your helmets embellished, custom made or just plain bedazzled, then Helmdos will definitely pique your interest.

Priced at a jaw dropping $1,069, these helmets would probably cost more than your bicycle itself! But if turning heads is your thing, these might just appeal to you. Helmets may not exactly be the last word in fashion, but wearing a weird and whacky 1000 dollar helmet might just land you one of those high fashion street style blogs.

Apart from the larger than life braid detail, the helmdos are almost normal, featuring black straps and a plastic strip for adjustment. That said, the designers behind it are anything but normal! Shying away from mainstream fashion, Heiss and Kaag have been keeping things alternative since they formed their label in 1997. With a goal of sticking to their aesthetic but exploring new concepts in design, this duo has been putting the Bless signature stamp on all things fashion and lifestyle.

[Available at Creatures-Of-Comfort Via Fastcodesign]

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