Bliss with Kiss is the world’s first coffee machine that makes a great brew, and does it while serenading you to music classics

Ever wonder what do you get someone who has everything? Well worry no more for the perfect gift has just been designed by a Swiss company called KISS (Keep It Simply Swiss) in collaboration with Reuge; it’s a coffee maker cum music box. It might seem like a very strange partnership, and you’ll get no argument from us, but then again, when you have money, it’s rare that you wouldn’t very seriously consider such items that aren’t exactly conventional like the Steampunk, Doomsday Device like coffee maker or the Racecar inspired coffee machine.

Announced at this year’s BaseWorld event, the Bliss with Kiss coffee machine-music box is (as of now) a one-of-a-kind machine that features Illy capsules that plays soft mechanical music while you’re coffee is brewing. The coffee machine is encased in an anodized aluminium case, with a polished brass finish musicbox that houses CH 1.36 movement to play back 36-second tunes from a selection of iconic music compositions. This small espresso maker is also touted to be a very ecological coffee machine to boot. And just in case you’re auditory sensors are carving the tunes more than your body needs the beans, the Bliss with Kiss coffee machine-music box can play the music even when you’re not brewing.

Priced at a whopping $4,200, the Bliss with Kiss coffee machine is a world-first and could be the perfect item for those looking at add that slightly extra spring in their step in the mornings; a little extra boost aside from the great coffee. And a little trivia for you – the world’s most expensive coffee machine (launched way back in 2008) was priced at a mere $2000, making the Bliss with Kiss the top ranking coffee maker in terms of price.

[Via – Pursuitist]

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