Blood Sweat and Tears: New reality show exposes rich Brit teens to third world realities

The rich spoilt brats of luxury-loving families rarely ever think of the hard work and labor that goes behind making some of their favorite luxury goods. Heck, most of them are almost completely unaware of the pitiful and poverty-ridden conditions that many people across the world live in. But a reality show is all set to give a few rich youngsters a reality check about what lies beyond their luxury world. Dubbed Blood, Sweat, and Tears, this new reality show on BBC will take six rich British teenagers to third world countries to see and experience the truth that lurks behind the production of their favorite luxury goods. The teenagers will be taken to the sapphire mines in Madagascar, where they will be expected to toil away a shovel-full at a time in an enormous open mine/pit in the desert for £1/day ($6) in wages. If the teenagers whine and grumble about the excruciating task, they will be sent down into the closed mine to search for gems in the dark, where oxygen has to be pumped in by hand via the plastic bag.

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This reality show will be an eye-opener for people of all ages. If you live in UK you can watch the episodes here.

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