Bob Martin builds Steampunk replica of the Nautilus submarine

Here is another creation that Steampunk fans would have to appreciate. Created by Bob Martin for a client in Florida, it is actually a replica of the Nautilus submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The radio-controlled Steampunk replica of the Nautilus has been made from the 1/32 scale Disney Nautilus kit from Custom Replicas. Though not as big as the real thing, the Steampunk replica still manages to stand apart at 66.5 inches. Complete with internal lighting and monstrous looks, this means stainless steel replica even manages to take on the water like real submarines. Yes, Bob has made this Steampunk monster seaworthy by creating a watertight cylinder (WTC) complete with lithium-ion battery-powered propulsion, servo control, and ballast for buoyancy that the model electric boat can cruise and dive just like real submarines.

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Extremely awesome, this one is sure to go down in the Steampunk Hall of Fame.

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