Body guards are passe – Moving around with Robot maids is the new status symbol in China

Some flaunt their wealth with gold plated cars while others do with Birkin bags. However, one Chinese citizen raised the bar (and some eyebrows!) when he went shopping last week with a posse of robotic maids in tow. Wang Shi Chung was photographed at a mall in Guangzhou with no less than 8 humanoid robots to keep him company. Turn out being rich means never having to shop alone!

The Chinese tycoon strolled about the mall buying gold at a jewelry among other items before stopping at the food court for a drink, all the while he was followed by his mechanical maids who carried his shopping bags, water bottle and coat.

Humanoid robots certainly aren’t cheap and this guy clearly believes that if you’ve got it, you should flaunt it! Chinese “netizens” however didn’t take so kindly to the wealthy gentleman’s outing calling him “tu hao” which is the Chinese term for people who are wealthy but lacking in “taste.”

[ Via : Mashable ]

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