Body suit for race horses is designed to boost their performance

After pooches, it is horses who get to don suits and look pretty. We literally fell out of our chairs when we saw this sprinter Hay List being paraded in a wetsuit at Australia’s Flemington Racecourse. But the new fancy attire isn’t all vanity as it is designed to assist the thoroughbred’s recovery from races and strenuous training gallops. The designers of the suit have taken their cue from athletes in sports who use similar compression suits to aid recovery and muscle fatigue. The compression suit designed with cutting edge technology is the creation by Hidez, a firm in Windsor, New South Wales.

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The compression suit uses a “graduated compression method which helps circulation and supplies more oxygen to all the muscle groups.” They also claim that the suit enhances blood flow, reduces the onset of muscle soreness and speeds up recovery.
The Hidez Recovery Suit has zippers everywhere and takes about 90 seconds to put on. The garment worth $948 was tried on by Hay List for a couple of weeks and they have also noticed a considerable improvement in his performance. Well, I think it is a nice suit really, but animals have a natural way of recovery and a suit is rather unnecessary attire for them especially during races.
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