Bomber has partnered with Bentley for skis plated with 24-Karat Gold

When a brand as august as Bentley celebrates its 100-year anniversary the world needs to stop and take notice of how they are doing it! Bentley is collaborating Bomber Ski on a collection that’s spellbinding and precious. The unveiling revealed their all-new limited edition Bomber for Bentley line of skis that come complete with 24-karat gold-plated diamond-shaped inserts. The two limited-edition luxury snow vehicle versions created are Centenary Edition 84 and the Black Diamond 84. The design that shows diamond-shaped patterns is inspired by Bentley’s own signature diamond-stitched leather interiors. The craftsmanship is excellent and that’s evident in these luxe pairs of skis, handmade in Biella, Italy, using wood and fibers over a process that’s 32 hours long. The result is credited to both talented teams of Bomber and Bentley who spent 18 months between New York and Italy. Bomber produced only 100 pairs of Centenary Edition and only 200 pairs of Black Diamond Edition.

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They are not aimed at making your average skier happy as they do cost a bomb (thanks Bomber), with a price tag of $2,750 for Black Diamond and $3,750 for Centenary edition. Come to think of it, it’s certainly a lot cheaper than buying a Bentley car right? If interested, you can purchase this spectacular pair on the Bomber Ski website.

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