Bored with turkey? Then Savor the costliest seafood hamper in the world

If you are craving sea food for this festive season, and have a pocket as large as your appetite, then “The Fish Society”, one of UK’s premier prestigious mail order and Internet-based fishmonger has just what you need. They have introduced the ‘Caviar & Crustacean Atomic hamper’ with seventeen different varieties of sea foods that can feed up to thirty people. Priced at around $4,080, the hamper will come to around $115 per person. The assortment of seafood will include sixteen-inch long giant Siberian crab legs, extra large crab claws from Chile, freshly cooked native UK lobster, three kinds of prawns apart from monstrous prawns from Madagascar half a pound each in weight, a diverse assortment of shellfish, 750g of Sevruga caviar as the main attraction.

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The total weight of the hamper is around 15kgs gross and the items are packaged as ready-peeled items and shell based items will come encased with their outer coverings. The hamper will be delivered anywhere across the continent of Europe.