Bourbon and scotch flavoured toothpicks are the perfect way to end a meal

There’s nothing more comforting than a big juicy steak accompanied by some fresh vegetables for dinner. However, there’s nothing more annoying than the havoc meat can cause you when it manages to wedge itself between your teeth. While looking for the best way to complete a perfect meal recently, we stumbled across these fantastic toothpicks that are just as fancy as everything else you’ve got on your dinner menu. Unlike the regular toothpicks that you’ve been using to pick remnants of your dinner, from your teeth, these little pieces of pointed wood are actually tastily special. These toothpicks are flavoured, making them fun to chew on and use!

The toothpicks come with scotch or bourbon flavours, and come in a handy little package, complete with a cork. As you begin to use one of these to pick your teeth, these little wooden toothpicks give out a subtle yet extremely noticeable flavour. These toothpicks are also a great way to enjoy a little taste of scotch or bourbon in places where alcohol is off limits, like your office for that matter. That said, we’re surely ditching those boring and conventional toothpicks we’ve been relying on all along, for a set of these!



[ Via : Coolmaterial ]

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