Brit lady buys the most expensive box of truffles in the world by mistake

Chocolate has the power to topple any religious diet planner’s good intentions by its mere sight! So smitten was Britain’s Marjorie McLeod by the sight of a luxury gift box from Scottish chocolatiers Cocoa Mountain that she even ignored the price tag! The box had chocolates with exotic flavors like orange and geranium, champagne, lime, chili, lemon grass, strawberry, and black pepper. The company was floored with many orders for these gifts; a Middle Eastern royal family ordered 16 boxes alone this Christmas! When they decided to stop selling these boxes, they wanted to make a huge profit on their last box. That is when Mrs. McLeod purchased it for a whopping $161,000, thinking it to be $35.

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It is indeed the lady’s past good deeds that the company is not processing her credit card payment!

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