Britain’s biggest home aquarium features exotic sea life in the cellar

Jack Heathcote, a 37 year old salsa teacher from Carlton, Nottingham and his partner can go diving at will. Why you ask? Their new five bedroom house holds the biggest domestic aquarium in all of Britain. And that’s not the half of it; the tank is home to exotic species from places like Amazon and Congo. Place exactly beneath the home’s living room the 12-feet 6-inches x 12-feet 8-inches x 7-feet tank also features a viewing window.

Cleaned every 15 days, thanks to Jack’s diving skills, the tank needs 4,800 gallons of water to fill up. It is house to two chainsaw doradids, three 2-feet long Pacus, some Pangasius, a Red tail hybrid catfish, two alligator gars, eight enormous stingrays and two Fly River turtles. Two Amazon based silver arowanas will join the festivities soon. It takes 30 minutes to feed the fishes and 6 hours to refill post cleaning! Jack’s prior house featured an indoor tropical pond with 12 stingrays. The tank is also interestingly constructed. Three of the sides of the tank use the foundation walls of the house for support, while a big part of floor was removed for accessibility access. In the basement, a glass wall has been placed instead of the brick wall, where some fishes swim in captivity.

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The financially viable tank was created quite optimally. The tank costed Jack £5,000 ($8,100) with an additional £700 ($1,135) for glass and £800 ($1295) for fibreglass lining, along with a heightened electricity and water bill of course.