Brush and Rinse Toothbrush is kind of fun

OMG! One more invention which will receive applauds only from the world’s laziest tribe. Coming from Amron Experimental, Brush & Rinse Toothbrush is not all high-tech. It’s simply a very simple tooth brush, but carries two functions, one of brushing your teeth and another for rinsing your mouth. The only trivial forte of this tooth brush is its head is specially designed that allows it effectively redirect water from faucet into your mouth, so you can easily rinse your mouth after brushing without using any cup or glass. Nevertheless, the Brush and Rinse Toothbrush isn’t for sale yet. But if you are highly impressed by it then you can buy 1 of 27 original working prototypes for an attractive high price of $1,750 each.

So may be you can wait cause that’s too much of a difference for such a insignificant difference.

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[Via – Ohgizmo]