Bugaboo comes to the US opens pop up in New York city

NYC, you lucky you! Getting the Bugaboo Boxer all to yourself, right in your neighbourhood. No more trips to Amsterdam or Berlin, or even that pop-up store in London for you. Note this address – 224 Mulberry Street; that is where the grand 3,250 sq ft pop up store of our beloved Bugaboo Boxer has come up. They will pamper you until November 20. The focus of the store is the revolutionary luggage system that was recently launched, and which we absolutely l-urh-ve. The “experience” is a stimulating exercise that will guide you through “packing at home, to airport security, all the way to the airplane aisle.” This will be followed by “a staged airport security entrance where the ease of moving with the Bugaboo Boxer is showcased” and at last you will be “transported to the aisle of an airplane to get a first-hand feel for the effortlessness of stowing away the lightweight Cabin Case.” Just so that you know how to use this super-cool luggage while travelling and not look like a fumbling fool.

The store will also have its regular stroller line for mums and mums-to-bes and daddies. The store will be open seven days a week from 11-8 Monday through Saturday; and 12-6 on Sundays.

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