Burberry Kisses travel via Google all over the world to spread love

‘Impossible is nothing is a tag that suits this post best. Thanks to Burberry and Google, along with sight and sound, now emotions can also be digitalized. In an interesting attempt at bringing emotion to technology, the dynamic duo introduces through a partnership – ‘Burberry Kisses’ that enables one to literally send a kiss to their loved ones through the protons and electrons of the virtual world. What’s more, is that the sender can visualize the route ‘the kisses’ take in real-time through a “World of Kisses” map and share the same through Google+ or any popular social media.

The ‘World of Kisses’ map allows two interesting views: the ‘Live Kisses’ view where you can see your recent kisses moving around the world. And second, the ‘All Kisses’ which reveals which cities in the world are sending and receiving the most kisses.

You can access the Kiss Recognition Technology, from Burberry and Google, through either a simple desktop or laptop or your touch screen smartphone. The technology in Burberry Kisses allows users to capture a digital imprint of their own unique kiss (pout) through camera-enabled desktop devices with Google Chrome. All you need to do is kiss looking toward the webcam while the technology recognizes the contours of your lips and generates an image of them.

The app on the mobile device works the similar way, only that you need to physically plant a kiss on the screen, wherein the multi-touch detection recognizes the pressure of your lips and captures the imprint. Remember, the longer you kiss the screen, the stronger the color of your kiss will appear. The technology also permits you to select a Burberry lip color for your luscious lips before sending along with the kiss a personalized message.

So now you have reason to be kiss-ready!

[Via – Burberry]

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