BuzzBall is probably the most compact roller coaster

Here’s something that can help you realize your dream of having a little amusement park in your backyard. Well, since the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk of amusement parks is a rollercoaster then this one is where you should get started. It features a single seat that can tilt and twist inside the outer frame that will give you the experience of riding a coaster. It is powered up by couple of motors. One of the motors helps you spin inside the ball while the outer frame remains static. The other is used to move the complete ball around; that too, in an opposing direction of the seat inside. Now this seems to be something like the tests that astronauts are subjected to.

The Evento BuzzBall has the makings of a classic backyard add-on. The bad news is that it isn’t for sale at the moment but can be expected soon.