Cadbury’s insures expert chocolate tasters taste-buds for a whopping $1.3 million

Chocolate making certainly comes with its own price! While you thought this means hiring the best chocolatiers and spending millions on top-end chocolate technology, brands like Cadbury spend an equally hefty sum on insuring their worker’s taste buds. Yes, you heard us right! In a recent event of sorts, Cadbury paid £1million ($ 1,337,160) on a standalone taste bud insurance for their in-house Chocolate expert- Hayleigh Curtis.

Cadbury insures expert worker (1)
With innovation being one of the core pillars in chocolate making, it becomes increasingly essential to ensure that chocolate makers have the healthiest taste buds. More than mere art, chocolate making encompasses a whole science that involves mouth feel to testing melting temperatures of chocolate. As part of the innovation team of master chocolatiers and engineers at Bourneville, Curtis ensures the Cadbury chocolates live up to their quality mark and divine taste. For much riding on Curtis’s priced taste buds for its high standards and brand innovation, insuring these hidden heroes wouldn’t look a big pay for Cadbury.
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While Cadbury is paying the sum in kind, Curtis too would have to bear her own price of giving up on hot vindaloo curries and chili peppers, while also swearing off eating the poisonous fugu fish and trying threatening sports like sword-swallowing. ( if she ever thought of it). While the London-based insurer- Lloyd’s claims to have a history of ensuring the most bizarre of body parts like legs, hands, teeth, and even vocal cords, lifelong insurance of taste buds is surely a new addition to its list!

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