Camping will never be the same with these inflatable prefab domes

A bubble in the heart of the forest. In the middle of the sea. In the cosy folds of white sheets of snow. In the meadows under the starry nights. Anywhere you would like, in any wilderness albeit protected, transparent, atypical sphere bubble houses. French designers Frédéric Richard and Pierre-Stéphane Dumas came up with this idea, a follow up of Dumas’ treehut Bubble collection that came a few years back. The BubbleTree, as it is called in the US, or CasaBubble as it is called in Australia, is a bubble house made from recyclable materials on a wooden base. They contain a built-in turbine that pumps in fresh air and filters out pollen.

All the science apart, the cool part is that it can be designed tastefully according to your sense of opulence. It is literally like living the life of a Power Puff Girl. Imagine the idea of lying back in your Aster Papposus sofa or to suit the theme – Versace’s bubble sofa, and stare at the colourful palette of nature.

[Via – Inhabitat]