You can now have a rock climbing wall for your swimming pool

Nothing compares to a cooling dip in water on a hot summer day. While ball games, sliding decks and jumpers sure make swimming a whole lot exciting, imagine having a rock-climbing wall right inside your pool! Sounds bizarre and super fun? Well, that’s exactly the idea with which AquaClimb, an aqua-sport firm has manufactured an exclusive climbing wall for swimming pools! Yep, your summers are all set to get crazier!

The innovative climbing wall is designed such that is can fit outdoor as well as indoor swimming pools. On being installed, it will seamlessly hover over your pool such that the natural entry into the water from the heights is feet first. For a much smoother and safer descent, the wall sticks to the edge of the pool and ensures that the climber is far from all hard surfaces. The AquaClimb Sport, as it is called was first built for diving wells and extreme water sports, but friendlier and more relatable versions of it have now arrived in the market such as this one that can easily fit inside your pool.

The unique rock climbing wall bears a steady stainless-steel structure and goes up to 30 feet high! It is better recommended for pools with a greater depth of 7 feet and above. The AquaClimb Sport wall retails anywhere between $6,500 to $10,000 depending on the version you opt for. Not a steep price for all the promised fun, eh?

[Aquaclimb Via:Thisiswhyimbroke]

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