Candid photographers are passe’ – A UK couple hired an actual robot to shoot their wedding day

Robots might not be taking over the world just yet, but they are certainly here to take your job, especially if you’re a photographer! After replacing menial labor jobs across industries, AI is now ready to nail the art of photography as well. Sure, drones had invaded this space already, but thanks to tech company -Service Robots, you can now have an actual robot clicking your wedding – like it recently did for the duo – Gary and Megan.

In a first of its kind, the UK couple hired an AI-powered photography robot named Eva to shoot their entire wedding. Nearly 5-foot-tall, Eva is designed to roam about in a space and use facial recognition before asking you to be snapped. She is equipped with an interactive color screen before her humanoid body, allowing guests to choose between several photo styles before she begins work. Additionally, one can instantly upload the pictures clicked online or have them printed using the pre-installed printing station at the venue.

Commenting on Eva’s performance, Gary, the groom, told Bride Magazine, “This was a fantastic addition to our day and our guests are still talking about it.” He further added, “Eva went down a treat and really got people involved. It made a nice change from the normal photo booths.” Assuring however that Eva isn’t here to rob you off your job, Service Robots in a statement said, “Hiring both a traditional photographer and a photobooth robot like Eva means newlyweds can look back on crisp, professional shots as well as more candid, fun and cheeky photographs taken with the robot’s help.” Say hello to the future of weddings!


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