Carbon Fiber M-14/M1A Rifles are better than their metallic counterpart

Lightweight and hassle-free materials are the new buzzwords for today’s operations. Washington-based McAnn Industries has incorporated that ideal very well in the popular M14/M1-A rifle and converted into carbon fiber. It is comprised of carbon fiber with resin and has several advantages over the metallic versions. Its first and obvious advantage is that it is much lighter than the steel or aluminum M14 and sheds about 2-4 pounds of the prescribed weight. This can make a huge difference to the trainees who walk around with the rifles all day long.

Secondly, its carbon fiber body will not hold heat the same way as the steel or aluminum body would. That means, those who’re under the sun for long hours can be pretty much comfortable as carbon fiber is a bad conductor of heat. The rifle can be pre-ordered from McAnn Industries for $670.

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