Cards Against Humanity plans to laser-cut a 1962 Picasso into 150,000 pieces

Ever dreamed of owning an authentic Picasso, or at least a fraction of it? Cards Against Humanity is now giving its fans the opportunity to own a small part of a genuine Picasso painting. By small, we mean 150,000th of the painting! For the uninitiated, Cards Against Humanity offers its fans a holiday special card pack every year on Kickstarter. This year, the folks at CAH had the Eight Sensible Gifts up for grabs on Hanukkah, giving out eight individual presents to subscribers during the eight-night Jewish holiday. The first three gifts sent out to subscribers by CAH were socks, obviously.

For the seventh gift, Cards Against Humanity bought the Tête de Faune (Head of a Faun) painting by Picasso, dating back to 1962, and asked subscribers if they’d like a piece of the painting or have it donated to the Art Institute of Chicago. Subscribers now need to vote on the fate of the painting. If all goes as planned by CAH, the painting will be laser cut into 150,000 tiny squares and each of these will be sent to subscribers who participated in the Eight Sensible Gifts. When asked, Cards Against Humanity founder Max Temkin didn’t divulge any more information in regards to the Picasso.

[ Via : Theverge ]

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