Carl Sagan’s Voyager Golden Record for the music loving aliens to get its first vinyl release

Years ago a whimsically genius astrophysicist –Dr. Carl Sagan along with musicologist Alan Lomax created an eclectic mix of sounds for pleasing extraterrestrial audiophiles. The musical amalgamation termed- The Voyager Golden Record was also used by NASA in the Voyager I and II spacecraft. Marking the celebration of its 40th anniversary, the collection will be reissued on vinyl through a Kickstarter campaign led by David Pescovitz, the editor at Boing Boing (a technology news website).

The reissue, which will be overseen by Timothy Ferris, the original Voyager record producer, will retain the old playlist as it then was, with soundtracks including Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, an Indian raga, and Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode”. To amuse our alien friends the record also contains a rather strange ensemble of Earth sounds (rain, dogs, kissing, laughter, ships, and tractors) and greetings in 55 human languages and one whale language. While all of this, along with 100 odd images representing life on planet earth will be rolled forward, the reissue unlike it inspiration (designed to be played at 16 2/3 RPM) will consist of three LP’s pressed out of vinyl recorded at normal LP speed (a standard 33 1/3.)

Though a CD-ROM version of the Golden record was released for the public in 1992 with NASA uploading the greetings and Earth sounds to SoundCloud, getting a glimpse of the original gold plated copper disc is next to impossible as NASA plans to safeguard it like a treasure that it probably is. Either way, the anniversary re-issue is set for release and can be pre-ordered at $98(plus shipping) for the whole set, with MP3 downloads available for $25. Furthermore, 20% of the project’s sale proceeds will be donated to the Carl Sagan Institute. So you are a generous audio buff who wouldn’t harm by knowing what a musical communication with the aliens could be like, buying this Sagan re-done vinyl will surely do you some good!

[ Via : Rollingstone ]

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