Carlsberg’s Vintage No.1is the world’s most expensive beer!

Although beer is generally believed to be a layman’s poison, the Carlsberg Vintage No.1 is out to raise its status bar to much luxurious level. Presented by Scandinavia’s biggest brewer, Carlsberg, the beer has a chestnut brown color, little foam and hints of prune, caramel, vanilla and oak tree from the French and Swedish wooden casks in which it is stored. According to the brewer, it goes well with cheeses and desserts. Its exclusivity is enhanced by the fact that only 600 bottles of the 10.5 percent proof beer, each of 37.5 centiliters (0.8 pint) is on sale for 2008. The newer versions are expected to hit the market in the following years.

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The Carlsberg Vintage No.1 costs about $400 a bottle (2,008 Danish kroner) and will be sold in just three Copenhagen restaurants.