Cartier’s sycamore and mother-of-pearl marquetry poker box

Remember those fun times of dealing and betting with poker? If you’ve happened to have enjoyed the game only at a casino or at your colleague’s, here’s an opportunity to get a set for yourself. Cartier has put together an exquisite poker box in grey, black, red, and white, made of sycamore wood and mother-of-pearl marquetry. It features contrasted nuances composed of a stylized motif, which includes a hand of cards guarded by a panther, Maison’s iconic symbol. Details are stylized in Art Deco: frieze with silver finish, garnet cabochons, Alcantara lining, and solid silver dealer chips. This exceptional box, which has been hand-varnished and polished, is available in a limited-edition series.

In case you’d be interested in another offering from Cartier, then they have a red and black themed poker box, which makes a bold statement.


[Via – Cartier]

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