Celebrate the Brazilian Father’s Day with limited edition Absolut Vodka in designer bottles

Father’s day is celebrated on the 8th of August every year in Brazil and this year, vodka brand Absolut 100 in collaboration with three top designers is all set to bring out limited edition gift bottles, sold exclusively at São Paulo. First up are two designs by Pedro Brando, one where the bottle neck spots a skull shaped silver pendant and the other bottle with a silver ring on the neck, both of which costs $650 apiece. The second designer to lend his artistic rendition is John Henry Cooper from Stone Bonker, which uses men’s accessories in a creative way. His two design spots an Italian silk tie knotted around the neck in two distinct ways, each costing $350.

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Last but definitely not the least are bottles designed by Optica Ventura. These spot large sunglasses and are packaged in a black case bearing the text “Absolute 100” in white. These are priced at $490 apiece.