Charles Simonyi takes off on his second trip in space

Hungarian-born software designer Charles Simonyi is the rick dude who took a trip in space. He had vacationed off into space in 2007 and enjoyed 11 days on board the International Space Station as a tourist. It seems like he had so much fun, that he had to get some more of that space action. That’s why he is taking his second trip in a Russian Soyuz rocked that lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The purpose of this rocket is to follow the Space Shuttle Discovery, which is on its way to the International Space Station to relieve a working crew. Simonyi is not going to be doing anything more than blogging and chatting with school kids via radio. Seems like these are activities worth the $35 million he has paid for a seat in the rocket.

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