Cheaper, better canine care

If you are a true pet lover then this one’s going to make want to make a trip to Japan. The Doggie reflexology spa in Azabu Juban in Japan gives your little mutt everything you would kill for. All the beautification needed to keep your pooch happy can be found in here and believe me, these guys seem to be good at what they do. Your dog can enjoy a massage, a luxurious spa bath, and hair dye. Do not look for what the dog may get that you can’t. he does require some appreciation for all the newspaper deliveries to your bed and the number of times he obediently fetched the ball from the dung-pit. Just $16 can give your mutt a perfect 15 minutes of his lifetime. You can avail of individual canine luxuries such as an onsen-style bath (for $30), a trim (for $60), and a henna dye job (for $30).