Check out this Mandem safe disguised as an ordinary Nike shoebox

Thinking of a secure hideout for your prized Rolex or that roll of stash? This Mandem safe designed as a Nike shoebox may come to your rescue. While we have seen many camouflaged designs for safety vaults from water bottles to cans, this safe pretty much beats them all. Designed to look like a regular shoebox, it sure is a secure spot for all your valuables unless the intruder is specifically chasing after a pair of your fancy Nike’s!

While the exterior of the safe wins brownie points with its perfect camouflaged design, the interiors are pretty great too! The inside of the safe is walled with 5mm folded steel and a cam lock surrounded by a plain cardboard box. The conspicuous safe also comes inbuilt with pre-drilled holes on its bottom which allow you to fasten it to the ground preventing anyone from stealing the whole thing away! A shoebox is certainly the last place trespassers might look for and that’s exactly what makes this Mandem product a perfect refuge for documents, jewelry, bankrolls, or any possible item you might want to keep away from those invading eyes!

This quirky safe is still in the prototype stage with its creators working further details out and hence not much is known as to its pricing and availability. With its unique guise, we surely rank it as a good option for your next safe! How well it fares at the market though, we will know when it finally hits the stores!

[ Via : Highsnobiety ]

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