Chess board made from real notes and coins lets you “play with money”

Some people believe in flaunting their luxurious lifestyles. And we believe in assisting all those who are on the pursuit for anything luxurious. Our latest hunt for high-end lifestyle flaunting products led to the discovery of this unique chess board. Now, you will probably say that high end chess boards are a thing of the past and almost every millionaire owns one of those exquisite limited edition chess sets. But believe us when we say, this chess set is like no other and truly lives up to the phrase, “playing with money”. Now you may wonder how money is involved in the play. Well, money is not just involved in the game; the game is made from money! Yes, the unique chess board is made using real notes for the board and coins for the pieces! Made by instructables member SteevAtBlueDust, the notes and coins total to £2,402 ($3660).

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The designer has provided step by step instructions to create your very own chess board made from money. The instructions range from funny tips like robbing a bank in case you fail on saving the dough to create your project, to unique instructions on folding each note.
Depending on your bank account and capacity to save, you can increase the sum value of your chess board and even make it into the world’s most expensive chess board. So, do we have any takers for this chess board made form money?