Chinese man buys himself a luxury SUV with huge bags of coins and small change

If you were to buy yourself a swanky luxury car, how would you opt to pay for it? While, most of us who can afford a car of that accord, would probably have our personal accountants sign off a million-dollar cheque for the amount, the rest of us would probably barter in a stash of big notes. On similar lines, one particular gentleman in China too decided to buy himself a luxe four-wheel drive. However, his payment mode was “bizarre” in a brand new form.

The man (name anonymous) in the picture hails from the northern part of China who went on to buy the $57,000 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in exchange for bags full of small coins and currency notes. The smallest coin used in the transaction was reportedly 1 jiao (or a tenth of a yuan), with the largest note being that of 1 yuan. The bags were multiple in number and were so heavy that the owner had a flat tire while carrying the money to the brand’s dealership in Zhengzhou in Henan province. Further to the dealer’s plight, he had to engage four staff members to count the money for an approximate time frame of 12 hours!

The unusual buyer owns a flour shop in the country and claims to have received his stock of pennies from customers who have queued up at his store for years. While the Toyota dealer from Henan province may have been one kind fellow, his quirky payment method was disapproved by many car dealers he previously approached. So much so, banks also refused to change the bulk of his coins for bigger notes. While this may seem outright silly to you, the man seems to be quite a regular with small currency payouts as he has previously purchased yet another $ 69465 USD car in exchange for coins. Well, little droplets did make him an ocean, at least!


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