Chopin unveils 200 liter bottle of vodka to mark 200th birth anniversary of Frédérick Chopin

To celebrate the 200th birth anniversary of Polish composer Frédérick Chopin, super-premium Polish potato vodka makers, Chopin (named after the composer) have unveiled a 200-liter vodka bottle! A great marketing idea to promote the brand, the bottle of vodka, was unveiled this week at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Sandra Bullock was the first celebrity signer to sign this gigantic bottle that is touted to be the world’s largest vodka bottle! The autographed bottle will tour the US before being auctioned off for charity. All the proceeds gathered from this humongous bottle’s sale will be given to the GRAMMY Foundation’s Music Preservation Project.

I wonder who will be the lucky owner of this 200-liter bottle of vodka.

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