Christian Zanzotti’s IOOI is one of the most radical Sheesha we have ever seen

What strikes you when you hear the words “radical, simple and elegant?” Surely not a hookah! But when you see the design of the IOOI, they will because this smoke spewing marvel in modern materials can take your hookah habit to another level.

“The design of IOOI turns the world of hookahs upside down.” As it would, given that it is composed of anodized aluminum, polished brass, crystal clear glass and 3D printed parts! But as they say, there is no smoke without fire. And in this case, the fire comes from Christian Zanzotti a.k.a. genius hookah designer.

His genius, however, began with the motorsport field, where he worked on concept vehicles and lightweight developments. It is no wonder then that the IOOI fulfills the highest automotive production standards. Each IOOI is a unique $680 piece built over 4 laborious weeks. It is launching in May this year and will be crafted on request.




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