Christian Louboutin men’s store debuts in New York

After Bottega Veneta charmed the Big Apple with its first men’s store in June, its shoe designer Christian Louboutin taking on the trail with its first men’s store that was supposed to debut in August. Although it is clearly behind schedule, we don’t mind the wait as the store also includes a Tattoo Parlor. Let’s start with the store’s interiors that include six skylights with mirrors from the Park Avenue Armory, leather panels on the floor, and diamond-panel leather walls embroidered with shoe patterns. There are the signature red carpet and a piece of the High Line train tracks hanging over the door.

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The stairways lead to the Tattoo Parlor, where customers with tattoos can have digital photos taken of their ink and embroidered onto their shoes. The shoe and accessories collections in the new boutique are the largest in the U.S. It’s a guy’s paradise as the store also houses a range of bags, backpacks, iPad cases, and more.

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