Christina Goodenow wins and loses the $1million jackpot

All of us dream about winning the big jackpot! I would spend, spend, spend, and spend like a wild animal on a rampant! But have you ever wondered how would you feel if you had to part with it? I’m sure Christina Goodenow knows exactly what that feeling is – MISERABLE. Apparently, an Oregon court has ruled out that she has bought the lottery with stolen credit. Back in 2005, this lady had bought the ticket with a credit card in the name if her then-boyfriend’s mother (who had been dead for a year). Hope you got that right! The plot gets trickier as Goodenow continued to use the credit card and eventually got caught. But before landing in the cop’s trap she had already used part of the lottery winnings to pay off the $12,000 balance on the card.

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However, the victim claims that she had bought the lottery with her own money and consequently pleaded no contest to theft charges. When she was sentenced to probation, Judge Ray White ordered the forfeiture of her lottery winnings. And the court has awarded the money to the Medford Police Department.

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