Harrods Christmas World 2012 opens up with the most expensive set of Christmas crackers

Christmas is always a crazy time in the western world, especially the UK, with crowds getting the best of you when you simply want to buy your loved ones some presents! Harrods is being very considerate for having opened its popular Christmas World department a full 151 days before the big event to help last-minute online shoppers purchase gifts in advance. Father Christmas inaugurated the 8,000 sq ft shopping space, AKA Santa, yesterday, and it houses some pretty spectacular itineraries.

Expect to see a giant snowglobe village, a pop-up gingerbread Harrods, a mountaintop ski chalet, and even a replica of the Tower of London that will stock up Harrods’ most expensive set of Christmas crackers worth £1,299 ($2050). Christmas World is located on the second floor and includes various Harrods Signature gifts, decorations, and festive food.

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