Chrysler Building model in gold and silver is an ideal gift for New Yorkers

The Chrysler Building in New York is more than just a landmark in the bustling city. Crowned the tallest brick building globally, the Chrysler Building stands 1,046 feet tall and is, in essence, a piece of art! Drawing inspiration from this architectural model, Timothy Richards came up with this Chrysler Building model, perhaps one of the best gifts this holiday season. Well-crafted and made from plaster, etched brass, glass, lead, gold, and silver leaf, this luxurious model will add a touch of New York architecture to just about any living space.

Standing 34 inches tall, the model is propped up on a 10 x 10 metal plate. Also, this model is a limited edition with just 480 to be created. The Timothy Richards Chrysler Building model, is priced at £ 1,276 (approximately $2100) and is available online at the Gift Vault.