Coca Cola partners with Riedel for a curvy glass made specially to enjoy Coke

Think Vodka tastes just as good in a plastic cup? Much as tea tastes better when drunk from a bone-china cup, wine from a fine piece of delicate stemware, pleasure of any drink starts with its glass. While soda does not have specific serving prototype, Austrian Glassware Company Riedel in partnership with Coca-Cola has developed a stemless glass to enhance the flavors of the fizzy drink.

Inspired by the iconic curves of the original Coca-Cola contour bottle, the rippled 17- ounce glass captures the distinct spices, aroma and taste of the aerated pop to create a magical sensorial experience.

Developed by a tasting panel of industry experts and Coca-Cola lovers, the lead-free glass is designed to hold a standard 355-millilitre can.

Made in Germany, a single Riedel + Coca-Cola glass retails for $19.90. Set of two is available for $29.50.

[Via – Luxuo]

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